Recorded Delivery Franking Machines

recorded delivery

A franking machine can save your business hours of queuing time as well as hundreds or even thousands of pounds in postal discounts, but what if you need to send special delivery mail that needs to be checked at the Post Office before it can be sent? Can you still use a franking machine for recorded and special delivery items? Is the cost discounted when using a franking machine? We are going to discuss the nitty gritty of recorded delivery to make sure your important mail is delivered quickly and correctly first time.

How Does Recorded Delivery Work?

Recorded delivery is a way of making sure your mail has been delivered to its destination by; acknowledging the sending of the item, requiring a signature upon receipt of the item and the sender receiving a receipt upon the delivery being made. Using the recorded delivery service provides the sender with peace of mind when the item being sent is something valuable or important.

Many franking machine models allow you to select Signed For or Special Delivery as options before you enter the class of the mail you are franking. These delivery options cost more which is why it is important you select the correct option when franking each item. If your franking machine does not have these options, you will need to calculate the postage including the added on charge for the recorded delivery before you frank the package and take it to the Post Office to be checked and signed off in the log book.

Franked Recorded Delivery Costs & Price Guide

Below you can see the cost of franking (and the slightly cheaper, Mailmark franking) when using Signed For Delivery services. Mailmark is the newer franking technology that gives users access to further benefits and savings. When you select First Class or Second Class Signed For Delivery your franking machine will make the relevant calculations for you ensuring you are paying the correct amount.

First Class Signed For Delivery

Format Weight Franking Mailmark Franking
Letter 100g £1.63 £1.61
Large Letter 100g £1.93 £1.89
250g £2.24 £2.20
Small Parcel 1kg £4.17 £4.17
2kg £6.32 £6.32
Medium Parcel 1kg £5.97 £5.97
2kg £8.67 £8.67

Second Class Signed For Delivery

Format Weight Franking Mailmark Franking
Letter 100g £1.50 £1.47
Large Letter 100g £1.77 £1.74
250g £2.04 £1.99
Small Parcel 1kg £3.67 £3.67
2kg £3.67 £3.67
Medium Parcel 1kg £5.57 £5.57
2kg £5.57 £5.57

How to Prepare an Item for Recorded Delivery

Your letter is franked, it’s been paid for correctly and everything is in order – brilliant! But, before it can be sent off you need to do a few things. First of all, keep you recorded delivery and special delivery items separate from your first and second class standard mail. The recorded delivery items need to be handed over individually and signed off on. Before you can go to the Post Office, you need to note down the address details in the ‘signed for’ delivery log book, then put a barcode label on the front of the envelope and the reference stickers into the log book. Once you have done this for all your signed for items, write the total number you are sending then date and sign the log book. When you take the recorded delivery items to the Post Office, take the log book with you as it needs to be signed by the cashier (or, if your franked mail is being collected, it should be handed over separately and you need the delivery driver to sign the log book).

Why Send Recorded Delivery

By sending mail as Recorded Delivery you will receive proof that the item was sent as well as a signature and a receipt upon delivery of the item. Sending an item using recorded delivery gives you the added benefit of being able to check the status of the delivery online – something that reduces anxiety for many of us when it comes to sending important items. When you send recorded delivery mail, the item you send is covered up to £50 (or the item’s value) against loss or damage. If you have a valuable item, you can insure it up to £2,000 when using Royal Mail’s Special Delivery service.

Key benefits of recorded delivery:

  • Proof of mail being sent
  • Proof of mail being received
  • Online status check
  • Cover for up to £50 loss or damage

If your business has an important piece of mail to send and you want to make sure it gets to the sender and have proof of this then recorded delivery is the way to go. Just select recorded delivery on your franking machine or add on the recorded delivery cost manually (this is often the case with older models) and all you need to do is get the recorded delivery log book signed before you send the mail. Quick, simple and keeps stress down to a bare minimum!


The Recorded Delivery service provides great advantages for when your business needs to send something valuable or important in the mail. It is a great bonus to be able to check the delivery status online as often businesses sending valuable mail grow concerned quickly and are left feeling powerless while they wonder if their important mail is lost or if it has been delivered as it should have been. By checking online, we can see the last destination of the package and when the delivery is expected to be made. The other huge bonus of this service is that the recipient needs to sign to say they have received the item. If the item being sent is of value and your business is concerned about ensuring the post reaches the recipient efficiently then recorded delivery may be the service you need. It makes it even easier as your franking machine can calculate the costs for you. Your mail has a £50 coverage, proof of being sent, requires a signature on delivery and only costs a few pounds, not bad at all really!