Ogone Ingenico Merchant Services

Ingenico payments

Ogone was based in Belgium and provided online payment services and risk management services. In 2013, the company merged with Ingenico and was renamed Ingenico Payment Services.

Ogone connected with more than 200 banks internationally, and managed card-not-present transactions and helped clients prevent fraud. These products are all a part of the Ingenico payment gateway services.

Ogone Merchant Services – Early Beginnings

The company was founded in 1996 by Harold Mechelynck and Thierry Pierson. It was then called Abssys Consulting. By 2003, Ogone was the first payment service in Europe to integrate a 3-D secure Merchant Plugin Interface, which enabled remote payments.

In 2010, Ogone was given an investment from US-based equity firm Summit. Ogone then purchased E-Billing Solutions in September of 2011, which was their first time providing services outside of Europe. Before the purchase, EBS was the second largest payment provider in the country of India.

Now, the company provides to over 50,000 business across the world, hosting in 70 different countries. With over 20 years of experience, they have offices in Germany, the UK, the United States, France, Austria, India, and more. They work either on or offline, allowing their clients to work anywhere from their standard stores to an online shop.

Their services now involve products for small or large businesses, and provide security services like fraud prevention, detailed reports, and around-the-clock support in multiple languages.

Ogone Merchant Service Offerings


E-Terminal allows merchants to enter transactions made via post, fax, or phone. It supports payment options like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and more. It is a gateway service type e-terminal, and it gives merchants a virtual terminal to work with. Merchants can use their Ogone login and input customer information securely.


Express is for companies looking to provide online payment solutions to their customers. With Express, payment pages are integrated into the website for ease-of-use. It is compatible with MasterCard and Visa, and comes with an online reporting suite.


Ideal for larger businesses, Premium provides an entire payment solution package, integrating single-page checkouts, fraud protection, compatibility, and more into a website. It is compatible with more than 80 cards and international Ogone payment methods.

Overall, Ingenico is the ideal choice for online payment providers. They offer flexible, scalable solutions, and are available worldwide. The company provides mobile, web, and application based products, and they pride themselves on being efficient and helpful to their clients.

Their support is multilanguage, free, and available at all times. It can help smaller or large businesses, with the ability to run deep and complex systems on top of the basics. In fact, they can even help with international transactions, which is normally a painful and drawn-out process.

Ogone Pricing Structure

E-Terminal has no setup fee, and handles 100 transactions per month before establishing an excess transaction fee of £œ0.15. This is ideal for smaller businesses who don’t use online payments. Phone only payments work best here.

Express also has no setup fee, and it can handle 300 transactions per month before the excess transaction fee of £œ0.15.

Premium has no setup fee as well, though its transactions per month and excess transaction fees are private unless personally requested. That said, this option offers international payment choices, a high level of fraud protection, built-in payment options for applications, and more.

The Ogone Ingenico services also take great pride in their security options. No matter how the transaction is made, they offer the highest level of security measures to prevent information theft. Their anti-fraud options have made the company into one of the most trusted payment providers in the world.

Their security options are specially crafted to work with each issue one may encounter. Almost any security risk can be handled by the Ogone Ingenico services.

Finally, the Ingenico payment services also provide an entirely transparent view of their payment processing techniques. Reports, sales, transactions, and more are all integrated into their network for easy viewing. Their technology is covered by PCI DSS, keeping things secure and efficient for both clients and their customers.

Summary of Ogone Online Payment Gateway

Overall, the Ogone Ingenico merger provides all sorts of products for clients to make the lives of their customers much easier. Their payment gateways can be built-into websites and shopping carts, and the service also offers reporting services and 24/7 support in multiple languages.

Their wide variety of payment services and security technology have grown the business into one of the most used payment providers in the world.