iZettle Mobile Card Reader Review

izettle review

To exist in today’s world, companies need to be accepting card payments. Whether it is credit or debit, most spenders use pin & chip or swipe cards to make purchases. In this space, mobile card readers are on the rise. Today, we are going to talk about the iZettle card reader and see how it fares compared to the others.

iZettle Card Reader Pro Review

Just like PDQ machines, the iZettle mobile card reader permits chip & pin or contactless card payments. The difference between iZettle contactless and other card machines, however, is that you don’t need a merchant account to use iZettle.

The newest version is called the iZettle Reader. Here is a quick overview of its features:

  • Bluetooth connection
    • Allows for wireless usage around the business floor.
  • Accepts magstripe, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, chip & pin, and contactless payments
    • The iZettle device covers pretty much all types of payments.
  • It processes contactless payments nearly 25% faster than other readers of its kind
    • Incredibly quick – stomps the competition when it comes to processing speeds.
  • Simple to learn and works quickly
    • Incredibly easy to learn. Allows for customers to pick it up quickly.
  • Ergonomically designed
    • Designed to work well with other devices.
  • Any transactions under £30 are approved instantly
    • Incredibly useful feature. Allows for simple transactions to be done and out of the way quickly.
  • Charges in 1-2 hours via USB cable or a buyable dock
    • Charge overnight and have the device ready for the day.
  • Battery can handle 100 transactions or 8 hours of usage
    • No need to worry about the device dying during business hours.

Other models connect to smartphones or tablet via a wire. The iZettle has a wireless advantage over these models.

Accepted Cards

In the UK, iZettle accepts the following:

  • Maestro
  • V pay
  • Visa Electron
  • JCB
  • Diners Club
  • Apple Pay
  • MasterCard
  • Visa

How the iZettle Handles Payments

Payments are processed in 4 steps:

  1. The total amount is entered
  2. iZettle reader takes the form of payment
  3. Customer enters their pin number
  4. Receipt is either printed or e-mailed


iZettle is known for its security features. This machine is tamper proof, and will even self-destruct if a bad actor attempts to mess with it. It features transaction protection up to €250 a month, and the machine encrypts all credit and debit card information to highest degree.

Fees and Pricing

The iZettle reader is incredibly easy to use and quick to set up. Also, it has some of the lowest charges in the entire payment provider industry. Here is a breakdown of some iZettle pricing:

  • iZettle reader: £59 + VAT, one-time cost.
  • Transaction fees: 1.75%
  • Setup fee: £0
  • Monthly fee: £0, though there is an optional GO PLUS service for £20 a month
  • PoS App: Free
  • On-Phone Support: Free
  • Daily Reporting: Free

Comparisons in Transaction Fees

Because set-up fees are nonexistent, they are incredibly competitive especially when compared to others in the industry. However, transaction fees usually make up the bulk of spending regardless of provider.

Currently, iZettle fees charge 1.75% per transaction. This is after their previous scale of anywhere from 2.75% to 1% of charges. That said, it was only for companies that processed more than £40,000 in payments every month.

Fortunately, declined payments aren’t charged the provider with iZettle. Also, different cards aren’t charged different rates. However, while this may sound like a good thing, businesses who get a lot of transactions from cards overseas will have to pay the price. Generally, regular merchant accounts have to charge differently for both credit and debit transactions because of risk. Credit cards may be around 2% a transaction, while debit is around 0.75%.

iZettle Mobile Application

There is both an iZettle Google Play and an iZettle App Store version of the iZettle app. As of this writing, there is no desktop application, though it does have an online interface. The app can be used without the card reader, but payments cannot be processed in that way. Also, the physical reader requires the application for usage as well.

Signing up is simple: One must download the app, create their account, and fill out their information.


While the app is fairly basic, iZettle offers multiple features:

  • Product library creation
    • Products and items can be organised into folders with photos to help categorise. Plus, one can import or export Excel files for efficiency.
  • Payment processing via cash and card
    • Allows for automatic tracking of different payment types.
  • History and transactions
    • As mentioned above, the application provides tracking tools for all different kinds of purchases.
  • Sales reports
    • Detailed reports on all sales types.
  • Daily summaries
    • A recap of the days work sent out and the end of each session.
  • Receipt customisation
    • Place whatever information you’d like on your business’ receipts.
  • Receipts for SMS
    • Send SMS receipts to customers.
  • Email receipts
    • Send e-mail receipts to customers.
  • Support for multiple staff accounts
    • Each and every staff member can have their own customised log-in and account information. This prevents them accessing other information they shouldn’t have access to.
  • Excel data exporting
    • Allows importing and exporting of Excel data and information for efficiency.
  • Automatic backups
    • Backs up all important data and information on a daily basis.
  • iZettle Android & iOS apps
    • Application is compatible with both Android and iOS phones and tablets.

Also, iZettle is partnered with Xero. Xero connects iZettle with its own account and allows you to combine sales and payments data.

iZettle Accessories

iZettle works fine with just the application and card reader, but there are a wide variety of accessories to purchase as well.

Docks and Stands

There are holders for each iPad model: numbers 1-4 and the Air. These holders and docks keep the iZettle reader charged, and prices start out at £39.

Receipts and Printers

These attachments can print receipts and reports. While most are wired, some of the best iZettle printers have Bluetooth connection.

Cash Drawer

The drawer stores cash, connects to printers, and will even automatically print receipts whenever a sale is made.

Store Kits

Bring POS functionality to the iZettle machine. Comes with a bundle of the different accessories listed beforehand.

London Taxis and iZettle

iZettle and London Taxis actually have a partnership. By purchasing the “Black Cab Bundle,” users can get a discount on the following items: Contactless iZettle Reader Pro, card reader and receipt printer mounts, both a battery powered and a wireless iZettle receipt printer, 20 rolls of receipt paper, and a power converter to charge the machine while driving – a nice touch.

Intelligent POS and the iZettle Card Machine

iZettle and intelligentpos have merged to create the iZettle Pro machine. Essentially, the iZettle Pro works just like the normal one, but there are more features allowing bigger retailers and businesses to take advantage of the system. Some of these features include a higher level of stock management, inventory control, spreadsheet management, loyalty schemes, and more.


  1. Are there iZettle discount and voucher codes? Yes, the website does offer some if you search around.
  2. How many accounts does iZettle offer? They offer both business and private accounts. Sole Traders and registered UK business should sign-up with a business account.
  3. Does iZsettle work when not connected to the internet? iZettle does not have an offline mode. It needs to connect to the internet to process payments.
  4. Can I use iZettle to accept online payments for my eCommerce business? No you cannot. iZettle transactions must be done face-to-face in person.
  5. Can I accept phone payments with iZettle? No. As mentioned above, iZettle transactions must be done face-to-face in person.
  6. Does iZettle work with any third-party EPOS systems? Yes, iZettle and intelligentpos have recently merged and work well together.
  7. Does iZettle transact to my account instantly? How long must I wait? Generally, deposits take two or three business days to fully process and appear in the account. However, money can also be deposited on a weekly or monthly basis. Chip and pin transactions allow up to £1,000 in deposits per day for personal accounts, while business accounts can do up to £500,000 per day.
  8. How many other transaction limits are there? Both business and personal accounts will see a £1 minimum amount. Otherwise pin or chip cards see these limits: A private account must not go higher than £1,000 every twenty-four hours per card nor can it go higher than £4000 every twelve months. This also applies to Touch ID transactions. For business accounts, a user cannot go higher than £500,000 every twenty-four hours, nor can they exceed £5,000 per card or transaction. Otherwise, signature and magstripe cards have lower transaction limits, but there are rarely seen.
  9. Am I allowed to alter the VAT rate of my products? By going into your product library section, you can change these settings. This is also accessible on the web interface as well.
  10. Do any UK businesses use the iZettle machines efficiently? Yes. If you go on the website, you will see many success stories. London Bike Kitchen, Summer Hostels, Mr Wolfe Cafe, Peppermint Events, and Big Issue are only some of these examples.
  11. Can I take out business loans and cash advances with iZettle? Over time, if you’ve built up a solid relationship with iZettle, they will allow you to borrow money via the iZettle Advance feature.

Alternatives and Competitors to iZettle

While iZettle is a powerful product, there are multiple competitors in the UK. Some of them are:

  • SumUp
  • Square
  • PayPal Here
  • Worldpay Zinc
  • Payleven
  • SmartTradeApp

Some Things to Consider

A few things to consider. Yes, iZettle offers world-spanning 24/7 customer service. That said, it isn’t always the best. Sometimes accounts are terminated for no reason and the team has no way to help. There is no way to manually enter card information with the iZettle device either.

Payments cannot be processed offline. Should a wifi-connection go down, the company cannot process any payments whatsoever. There is no way to provide gratuities, nor can one accept payments over the phone. All of them must be done face-to-face. Finally, the Android application is known to be buggy and even freeze up at times.

That said, the iZettle blog is consistently updated and offers all sorts of support. The pages are broken down by category: food and drink, retail, beauty, health, and more. One can skim through the headings and see what they’d like best out of the information and go from there. These provide great inspiration and even templates for a company to set up their payment systems.

Users can also look at the testimonials and stories section on the website for real reactions by other customers. Here you will find honest opinions on the best and worst parts of the iZettle systems. Generally, the pricing model is pretty well received and the fact that there are no termination fees is also praised. It seems that people tend to favor the service more than dislike it.

Overall, the iZettle application and device combination is basic but easy to use. It provides most if not all of the features you’d need, though it is unassuming. The service is reasonably priced, and anyone can learn it quickly. Plus, the pricing model is better than pretty much any other processing service on the market.

Overall Pros and Cons


  • iZettle provides incredibly high-quality service
  • Honest with its marketing tactics
  • Quality mobile application
  • Revised, fair pricing model
  • Optional bonus features
  • Loans for proven borrowers
  • Offers both private and business accounts


  • No offline payment processing
  • Manual entry does not exist
  • Doesn’t have gratuities
  • Does not accept phone payments
  • Customer service fails at times
  • Limited function with Android
  • Random account suspension