Best 10 High Volume Photocopiers for Business

high volume photocopierHigh volume photocopiers are the quickest and most powerful in the business. Large companies take great advantage of these machines, them having the ability to run hundreds of thousands of copies a month. In this list, we will detail the top 10 high volume photocopiers on the market.

Canon VarioPrint 110

The Canon VarioPrint processes around 250,000 pages a month, with an average speed of 113 a minute. It is one of the most powerful machines in its tier. The VarioPrint has a 15” colour screen and can hold paper all the way up to A3 in sizing. The standard machine can hold up to 4,000 pages, with the potential for 7,800 by upgrading the holder.

This photocopier is modular, meaning it can hold multiple other attachments should you desire to add them. You’d be hard pressed to find a machine faster than this one.

Sharp MX-M1054

Despite its size, the Sharp MX-M1054 is incredibly quiet. It is quick, full of features, and can print up to 105 black and white pages a minute. This machine handles A4 sized paper, and it holds a strong 3,100 sheets with the capability for 13,500 with an upgrade.

The photocopier is designed for extremely high-volume situations with a focus on quality. It contains a sizable touch screen for managing features such as stapling, stitching, trimming, folding, and more. Definitely a solid choice for any larger business.

Ricoh Aficio MP6002

The Ricoh prints in black and white, and can copy, scan, and even fax pages at a decent speed of 60 per minute. It is incredibly easy to use, and comes with home screen for you to customise to maximise efficiency. Also, it supports USB and SD cards for easy printing.

This copier handles a large volume of documents, and holds up to 8,300 pages in its tray before upgrades. It prints up to 1,200 by 1,200 dpi so your prints are always looking the best they can.

Xerox D95A

The Xerox is a high volume photocopier that can scan, copy, and print pages at up to 2,400 x 2,400 dpi. This machine can print at a rate of 95 pages a minute with a capacity of 2,050 sheets at its base level. This can be upgraded to 8,050 if you so desire.

Also, the photocopier supports extra features like hole punching and booklet printing to increase efficiency and make your documents look as professional as you’d like. The Xerox is a easy to use, cheap, and will help streamline your office space.

Canon iR Advance 8205 Pro

The Canon iR Advance is a black and white printer that can copy or print at up to 105 pages a minute. Not only is it fast, but it can hold up to 7,700 sheets at its base level, with print resolution supported up to 1,200 dpi.

This machine contains duplex printing and scanning as well as support for all sorts of types of media. It is a great choice for offices that need to print at high volume and high resolution.

Toshiba e-Studio 7506AC

The e-Studio 7506AC is a highly capable and functional copier that can print at speeds of 85 pages per minute. This impressive copier is compatible with A4 and A3 size documents and can hold slightly over 6000 sheets of paper in the tray making it perfectly suited to high volume workloads. To keep this copier versatile and suitable for all situations it can also support multiple resolutions, has a print on demand option and allows you to review scans before progressing.

This multifuncitional printer is very user-friendly, robust and resourceful, it handles even the largest jobs with ease and efficiency making it ideal for any office environment. The e-Studio 7506AC also includes key security and user protection features so if you need a high volume model that is built with the user in mind, this model could well feature pretty high on your list.

Ricoh Pro C5100S

This model from Ricoh is an excellent choice for large businesses; it has all the basic features you may need including scanning and printing in addition to copying and is very efficient with printing speeds of 60 pages per minute. The Pro C5100S is capable of printing in color, supports a wide range of media format and even has an enhancing feature to ensure your prints are clean, well-balanced and eye-catching. A key feature of the Pro C5100S is the multi-feeding detection system – this function avoids problems and jams occurring when feeding the paper into the printer ensuring the print jobs will be completed.


Canon Océ VarioPrint 6320 Ultra+

The Canon Océ Ultra+ can print and copy at up to 314 pages per minute, much faster than most printers at this level. It is incredibly high speed, and can hold up to 24,000 sheets.

It is truly powerful, though it prints in just black and white. This machine will streamline an office space with its extra features like finishing, binding, and faxing support.

Konica Minolta Bizhub C754e

The Konica Minolta Bizhub features scanning, copying, and printing of colour documents at up to 60 pages per minute. Black and white supports up to 65 pages a minute, though both types are of extremely high quality.

This machine prints at up to 1,800 x 600 dpi, with a copy resolution of 600 x 600 dpi. It is incredibly streamlined for easy usage, with functionality similar to that of a tablet. Also, it even supports binding and finishing capabilities.

Ricoh Aficio MP 9002

The Ricoh Aficio MP 9002 prints in black and white, and it easily handles high volume copying, scanning, faxing, and printing. It offers a 90 print per minute speed with ease, and can even print at 1,200 x 1,200 dpi. The copy resolution is 600 dpi, and the machine even has automatic duplexing on top of USB ports and network connectivity.

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