How Much Does A Franking Machine Cost?

franking machine costs

If you’re surfing the web trying to find correct franking machine prices, you are probably unearthing very little and becoming increasingly frustrated. You will likely not find prices that are up to date or relevant to the needs of your business online as there are so many factors that impact the price of a franking machine. There is no ‘standard’ franking machine as businesses greatly vary in their size, mailing output and postage requirements meaning franking machines do too. This tailored approach means it may be difficult to find prices online, but we are here to help. If you are interested in potentially buying or renting a franking machine, we have created this short guide to help you find the best franking machine for you and the cost you can expect to pay.

Franking Machine Cost & Quotes

With so many variables to consider and such a vast range of franking machine models available, the quickest and most effective way to compare prices across a range of top quality franking machines is to fill out our form and request a quote. We can help you to discover accurate prices and we will also make sure you find the perfect franking machine for your needs. To help you decide the key features your business requires from a franking machine we have outlined the different types of machine available. We have also put together a rough guide to the price you can expect to pay in order to rent a franking machine.

Franking Machine Renting Costs

Buying a franking machine could cost you anywhere from £1,000 to over £20,000 depending on the type of franking machine chosen and its features. A machine that will cost you £1,000 will be smaller and should handle around 50 items per day with ease. Features often include an integrated scale, separate department accounts and the ability to include your own logo and promotional message on the franking mark. The more expensive franking machines are capable of processing much large volumes of mail and are mostly automated – you can expect an automatic feeder, stacker and envelope sealer on the higher end models.

Due to the large initial cost of buying a franking machine, many businesses decide to rent instead. Renting allows you to enjoy postal discounts and the increased efficiency of having a franking machine without having to dig deep into your businesses postal budget. Below, we have put together a rough price guide to show you just how affordable renting can be:

If your business is sending up to 100 letters per day, a low volume franking machine would be the type you’d most benefit from. A standard low volume franking machine will likely cost around £20 – £40 per month to rent. If there are certain features you require such as an automated letter feeder the price will be slightly higher but for the most basic models £20 a month can be expected.

If your business is sending anywhere from 100 to 1000 letters each day, you should be looking at medium volume franking machines. You can expect to rent one of these for between £40 – £80 a month.

If your business is sending over 1,000 letters each day, you will need a high volume franking machine. The expected cost of this will be from £80 per month upwards. High volume franking machines are incredibly efficient in order to deal with the high volume of mail being franked.

The cost of renting will largely depend on the size and features of the franking machine, something that is determined solely by the needs of your business.  When buying or renting a franking machine, ensure it includes only the features you will use as any features it has that will not be optimised are a waste of your money.

Different Types of Franking Machine

We just touched on the three types of franking machine available: low volume, medium volume and high volume. To help you decide which type is best suited to your business we will take a look at them in a little more detail. These categories group together machines by the amount of mail they can handle (often per day) so by calculating your businesses mail output each day you can determine which type of franking machine will most benefit you.

A low volume machine is designed for smaller businesses who are sending out a relatively little amount of mail each day. A low volume machine is often capable of processing up to 100 letters per day but around 50 tends to be the average. Read on to find out just how much money you can save with a low volume franking machine! A medium volume franking machine is designed for businesses who are sending between 100 – 1,000 letters per day making them great for mid-sized and growing businesses. A high volume machine can process at least 1,000 letters per day and many of the high volume machines are often capable of processing close to that in just a few short minutes. Speed, efficiency and accuracy are top priorities so if your business is processing thousands of letters each day you need a franking machine that can keep up with the workload. If you invest in a franking machine that is too small or too big for your business you risk losing out on key benefits due to your machine not handling the workload or you paying too much money for a large franking machine that you are not fully utilising.

Why Use a Franking Machine?

Don’t let all this talk of how much you can expect to pay for a franking machine deter you as there are many savings to be made. Once your business is using a franking machine, each piece of mail will save you money so before you know it the franking machine should have paid for itself. The more mail your business sends the more savings you will experience.

If you send thirty 1st class standard letters and five 2nd class standard letters each day for a month the cost of stamps would be £658.50 whereas the franking cost would be £537 saving you £121.50. If you are renting a low volume franking machine for around £30 per month you’ll have already saved enough money to cover 4 months of rental cost!

It’s not only the financial savings that will benefit you when using a franking machine. Your post will have a more professional appearance thanks to the ability to personalise the franking mark by adding your company’s logo and even a promotional message. You will have increased control with a franking machine as you can; top up the credit at any time, control who uses the machine and split the usage by departments if necessary. The convenience of no longer having to go to the post office to buy more stamps and the time your employees will save is a huge plus too!


Using a franking machine can save you up to 10.5% per 1st class standard letter you send, the savings are waiting but first you need to find a franking machine that best suits your business. Fortunately, you are in the right place! With the price of franking machines being so easily influenced by the size and features included the only way of getting an accurate quote based on your requirements is to give us a call. In no time at all our experts can help find a franking machine tailored to your needs so that your business can start saving.