How Much Does a Photocopier for Business Cost?


photocopier logoDepending on how you go about it, a photocopier can cost your business a ton of money or save it a ton. It all depends on the research you do beforehand, the features you need to take advantage of, and the deals you’re able to find. In this post, we’re going to go over some of the average prices of business photocopiers.

What Functionality Do You Require Your Copier to Have?

Before looking into a quote, be sure to figure out what your office needs out of a photocopier. How many employees do you have? Can they work with basic features or do they need an advanced machine to do their job? Be sure to use our form up above to get fast and free quotes sent to you.

All sorts of things factor into the pricing of such a machine:

  • Size
  • Print speed
  • Paper capacity
  • Machine functionality
  • Remote access

While there are certainly more to consider, these are the biggest aspects to consider when deciding which machine is best for your needs. On top of that, deciding to buy or lease a machine will greatly affect the price point. Leasing tends to cover maintenance and refills, while buying means you are paying for all of that yourself.

Some features and other things to consider when looking into a business photocopier:

Colour Capabilities

Colour printing can be impactful, eye catching and can make your material stand out. However, the photocopier models that have colour capabilities are generally more expensive so if your business does not require colour copies investing in a black and white only copier can be a great way to save money. Also keep in mind that colour copies are slower to print and the toner replacements will cost more than for a black and white copier.

Multifunction or Just Copy?

If you need to be able to do more than just copy documents, you will need a multifunctional copier. Generally offered as standard with a multifunctional copier are scanning features, remote printing and faxing as well as optional extra features you can opt for.

How Many Copies Do You Need to Make?

When shopping around for photocopiers, you will notice the models are referred to as low, medium or high volume. This refers to the amount of pages the copier can handle, see below for further information:

• Low Volume – a low volume copier is ideal for a small business or a business that requires a relatively small amount of copies made each day. A low volume copier is able to print an average of around 20 pages per minute and buying/ renting one is very affordable making it an excellent choice for startup businesses.

• Medium Volume – These copiers are usually slightly larger in size boasting faster print speeds and more features. With the ability to print approximately 40 pages per minute a medium volume copier is a great option for growing and mid-sized businesses. The medium volume copiers will cost more than low volume models due to the increased abilities.

• High Volume – A high volume copier can print up to 150 pages per minute. A high volume copier is fast, largely automated but also pricey. Large businesses will benefit most from the models of photocopier in this category.

Work out how many copies your business makes each month before you begin to look at photocopier models. This figure allows you to determine which category of photocopier you should be looking at which will, in turn, give you a clearer idea of cost and budgeting.

Paper Size

Does your business need to make copies on paper larger than the traditional A4? If so, you will need a photocopier that can deal with A3, A2 or A1 size documents depending on your requirements. The majority of photocopiers you will find on the market are A4, so keep this in mind and check the features and specifications of your options to make sure the one that you choose has what you need.

Duplex Printing

Save time, money and trees by printing on both sides of the paper. The ability to do this automatically does not come as standard for many copiers so keep an eye out for ‘double-sided’ or ‘duplex’ printing in the specs.

Image Editor

If you are printing pictures, tables or graphics you may wish to have an editing feature included with your copier. This gives you the ability to resize or adjust your images before they are printed. Giving you full control over your product.

Stapling & Binding Options

Generally, high volume copiers have features, or at least optional features, that increase process automation and save you more time. Automatic stapling and paper binding options will give you professional and consistently clean products.


A sorter is when the machine automatically sorts your documents, this is a very useful option when you a dealing with a lot of multi-page copies.

The Different Kinds of Photocopier

Photocopiers come in a wide variety of sizes and features. Of course, the biggest and more feature-heavy, the higher the price will be. Here are some average prices per copier type:


These are best for small offices with hardly a need for a photocopier machine. The basic features are more than enough for some companies and the smaller set will save money in the long run. Basic photocopiers can range from £50 to £150 in price.

Office Desktop Photocopier

If you have the room, an office desktop photocopier is probably the best bet for your office space. While bigger than a standard printer/scanner/copier, an office desktop copier comes with additional features and is generally more durable than a smaller sized one. These can range anywhere from £200 to £1500 in price.

Floor Standing Photocopier

Floor standing photocopiers are massive machines designed for high-volume printing. They come with a similar features as the office desktop photocopier, but they are even bigger and cost more due to their high workload capacity. Floor standing copiers range from £2000 to £4500 in price.

Multifunctional Printing Photocopiers

Multifunctional Printing Photocopiers have image editing, internal storage, security code access and even more high-tech features. Only the biggest of companies will have any need for it, but this machine is ideal for the heaviest of workloads. They come in at around £5000 in price.


Overall, a business photocopier’s price comes down to how many features you need out of it. Your office space, workload and employee count are the biggest factors in your budget and all need to be accounted for in your search. Don’t forget to fill out our form up above for quick and free quotes sent over to you as soon as possible.

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