How Much Do A2 Photocopiers Cost?

A2 photocopierThere are all sorts of wide format copy machines on the market. A majority of them are designed for work with A2 sized sheets of paper. Your business is likely to need one of these, as they are ideal for big posters or other work of this size. Wide angled photocopiers come with multiple features like colour or black and white printing, scanning and faxing capabilities, and more.

A2 Photocopier Cost Considerations

You are a user with the question: “What is the cost of the average A2 photocopier? I need colour capabilities, but I won’t be using it too often, so I don’t need an incredibly high-speed one.”


Well, you’re right about needing an A2 printer for the jobs you need to get done. On average, an A2 printer will cost you around £1000 – £1500 to buy new. That said, you can find some used photocopiers from £400 – £800. Pricing fluctuates based on extra features, printing speeds, paper tray capacity, and of course the size of the machine.

Also, you have the option of buying an A2 printer or leasing one for temporary usage. These wider designed printers emphasize quality over speed, so they may be a bit slower than an average copier, but they will look much better than a traditional one.

What Are the Best Options For An A2 Colour Copier?

A2 colour photocopiers are used mostly by advertisers, architects, graphic designers, and construction designers to create large documents, designs, and plans. They come in both colour or black and white models, can come with traditional faxing, scanning, and printing capabilities.

When purchasing an A2 photocopier, you’ll want to consider the following questions before making a decision:

  • Do I want to buy or lease an A2 photocopier?
  • What speed do I need to print at?
  • What paper tray capacity works best for me?
  • Do I need a small or large sized copier?
  • What sort of functions do I need?

The answer to these questions will determine the price range of your machine. A majority of business lease machines due to it being cheaper, as the leaser tends to handle monthly refills and other maintenance needed. That said, here are some features to consider when searching for an A2 photocopier:

Black and White or Colour?

Colour is not a standard capability that you can expect on all photocopiers. Therefore, it is important to consider beforehand whether or not you will require printing in black & white or colour. The colour copiers tend to be more expensive but can produce high quality, crisp and impactful documents that draw the readers eye. The speed of printing in colour tends to be slower than black and white printing and you can also expect the toner replacements to be more expensive.

Copy, Scan & Fax

Do you need to just photocopy or do you need to be able to scan and fax as well? These features are available on multifunctional copiers so remember this when narrowing down your search. There are many additional features you can opt for if necessary too, just ask.

Copier Volume

There are so many photocopiers on the market and they vary so much is size and price it can be daunting to even begin trying to find the best option for your business. A key starting point is the volume of copying your business makes each month. Using this number you can have a better idea of whether you need a low, medium or high volume model.

Low volume: – the low volume photocopiers are generally compact, easy to use and relatively basic. They can handle an average of 20 pages per minute and they are very affordable making them ideal for a small business with a low volume copying requirement.

Medium volume: – the medium volume photocopiers are larger in size, faster in operation and slightly pricier than those in the low volume category. You can expect a medium volume copier to print around 40 pages per minute making them the perfect office addition for growing and medium sized businesses.

High volume: – Even bigger, even faster and even more automated are the high volume photocopiers. These are expensive but are incredibly functional with the ability to print 150 pages per minute. Large businesses who are photocopying and printing very large volumes of documents will benefit from the models in this category.

Calculate the Volume of Copies Required

By working out how many copies your business requires each month you can see which type of photocopier best suits your needs. Knowing the amount of copies needed will help you to gauge the photocopier costs too.

Paper Size

Most of the photocopiers come with standard A4 capabilities, this is the traditional and most used paper size for businesses. However, should you require larger copying and printing of A3, A2 or A1 size documents on a regular basis then you may find it beneficial to specify this in your search to strip away all the copiers that do not offer the features you require. If you would like some assistance finding the right copier for your needs, do not hesitate to contact us.

Double- Sided Printing

It can be easy to forget that double-sided printing is not a standard feature for many copiers, if you need this feature make sure you look out for it in the specifications or ask the supplier if you are unsure. By optimising the duplex printing option you can save paper, money and time so it could be a worthwhile feature.

Image Editor

A very handy feature that can be included with your copier is an image editor. This displays the image of what will be printed on the screen to allow you to make any last-minute adjustments. The image editor gives you the final say in how the document looks so may be of great benefit when it comes to printing posters or promotional material.

Extra Features

Photocopiers can come with many additional features, especially high volume models that operate so fast they need to be largely automated. You can choose to include automatic stapling or binding so that your documents are neat, professional and ready to go straight away. Another option is a sorter which automatically sorts your multi-page documents for you. These additional features can help you to save man power and time.

Finally, here are some quality A2 printers for you to check out:

Epson Stylus Pro 3880 A2 Ultrachrome Photo Printer

The Epson Stylus Pro claims to be the best A2 photocopier on the market. Pricing can range from £900 to £1200, and users tend to be pretty happy with such a device.

Epson Stylus Pro 4880

The Epson Stylus Pro 4880 is a high-quality A2 printer that Epson claims “pushes the limits of photo quality printing” or will “deliver superb, contract quality results in vivid colour and stunning black and white.”

Used, this machine will cost around £600 to buy. This is a massive difference between the average price of a new one, which comes in at around £2,000.

Canon IPF5100 A2 Printer

The IPF5100 A2 printer utilises a unique 12 colour pigment system that results in absolutely excellent quality prints.

It is an ideal machine for photographers, graphic designers, and other artists that work with large pages. It can cost anywhere from £1,350 to £1,650.